Police confirm swatting incident targeting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s house on Christmas

Authorities are currently investigating a swatting incident that occurred on Christmas Day at the residence of Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in Rome, Georgia. Greene shared the incident on social media, expressing her frustration as this marked the eighth occurrence of such incidents.

On Monday, 911 dispatch received a call through the suicide prevention hotline, allegedly from a man in Rome, New York. The caller claimed to have shot his girlfriend at Greene’s Georgia address and made threats of self-harm.

Rome, Georgia, police information specialist Kelly Madden conveyed that Greene’s security team was promptly informed of the call, and officers were dispatched to the home. However, before reaching the location, officers were informed that everything was in order, and they were redirected away.

Swatting is a dangerous prank involving false calls to authorities, leading them to believe a severe crime is happening. In this case, the intention was to provoke a forceful response from local law enforcement or SWAT teams.

Unfortunately, this incident wasn’t isolated, as Republican Rep. Brandon Williams also reported being swatted on Christmas Day.

“Our home was swatted this afternoon,” the New York Republican said. “Thanks to the Deputies and Troopers who contacted me before arriving. They left with homemade cookies and spiced nuts! Merry Christmas everyone!”

Law enforcement, including the Cayuga County Sheriff’s office and the New York State Police, responded to the swatting incident at Williams’ residence.

“This report was quickly confirmed to be false,” Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck said, adding that his office is investigating.

Cover image source: AP

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