Uniformed Police Officers Threw Slushies at Random People, Recorded It

In a shocking revelation, two undercover police officers in Louisville, Kentucky, Curtis Flynn, 40, and Bryan Wilson, 36, were exposed for their disturbing antics of throwing slushies at innocent bystanders from unmarked cars.

The incidents, which occurred over 11 months in 2018 and 2019, recently came to light after a video surfaced, leading to a local scandal dubbed “Slushy-gate.”

Uniformed officers patrolling the streets recorded themselves engaging in this inappropriate behavior and shared the video with some of their colleagues.

One unsettling incident captured a marked police car trailing the rogue officers, recording a slushie hitting a pedestrian. The involvement of the officers in the marked car remains uncertain.

The Courier Journal Newspaper obtained the video this week through a Freedom of Information Act request, revealing that at least 24 innocent people fell victim to these juvenile attacks.

The officers in question, members of an elite undercover drug task force, pleaded guilty to their actions. Curtis Flynn received a three-month sentence, while Bryan Wilson faced a 30-month sentence.

Aside from the direct slushy assaults, the accused officers were reported to have driven through puddles, intentionally drenching individuals waiting at bus stops.

In response to the incident, the Mayor of Louisville assured the public that the culture within the police department has undergone significant changes to prevent the recurrence of such unacceptable behavior.

“We are focused on a very different way of training. We’ve improved focus on supervision. Incidents like that will not be tolerated. Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg said.

Furthermore, five additional officers faced disciplinary measures for being aware of the slushy incidents but failing to report them. Despite their involvement, they were allowed to remain on the police force.

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Source: WDRB News/YouTube

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