Rivian says “fat finger” caused software update to brick infotainment systems, physical servicing may be required

Rivian, the American electric vehicle brand, faced an unusual challenge as some drivers experienced a quiet journey at unknown speeds due to a failure in the infotainment and instrument systems.

The company addressed the issue on Reddit, attributing it to a technical glitch known as a “fat finger,” a condition prone to causing IT errors.

The impact of this glitch affected the infotainment system and, in certain cases, the instruments of several R1T and R1S vehicles.

While the cars remained drivable, the experience was compromised without functions like climate control, music, and the assurance of adhering to speed limits.

To rectify the situation, Rivian promptly canceled the over-the-air (OTA) campaign and committed to restarting it with properly configured software.

The company reassured customers that a solution had been developed, with expectations of it being ready by Wednesday.

However, for some affected customers, relying solely on updates might not be sufficient, necessitating a visit for physical repairs.

Hi All,
We made an error with the 2023.42 OTA update – a fat finger where the wrong build with the wrong security certificates was sent out. We cancelled the campaign and we will restart it with the proper software that went through the different campaigns of beta testing.
Service will be contacting impacted customers and will go through the resolution options. That may require physical repair in some cases.
This is on us – we messed up. Thanks for your support and your patience as we go through this.

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