Grenade At Oregon School Turns Out To Be Grenade Shaped Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

At an Oregon middle school, students were confined indoors on Monday as police investigated what appeared to be a grenade-like object in the field.

The incident unfolded around 10:30 a.m. at Patton Middle School in McMinville, approximately 40 miles southwest of Portland. Authorities were alerted to a suspicious object resembling a “hand grenade” near the school’s running track.

In response, school staff secured students inside while the local police, in collaboration with the state police bomb squad team, conducted an investigation.

The situation took an unexpected turn when a department drone was deployed, providing a clearer view of the suspected explosive device.

To everyone’s relief, it turned out to be a dog poop bag dispenser cleverly shaped like an explosive device.

“After reviewing the photographs, the item was determined to be a dog waste bag dispenser that is manufactured to resemble a hand grenade,” police said.

Once the misunderstanding was resolved, the item was safely removed from the school’s field, allowing normal operations to resume.

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