Florida Trooper Accidentally Pulls Over Police Captain While Chasing Reckless Driver

While patrolling in Miami-Dade County on Nov. 29, a Florida State Trooper believed he was pulling over a reckless driver, only to discover it was a local cop maneuvering through traffic without emergency lights.

FHP received reports of a car evading a traffic stop and driving recklessly. In response, Trooper Walner Wroy activated his lights and sirens, initiating a search for the vehicle.

Within minutes, he identified a dark-colored KIA Stinger speeding on State Road 826 and weaving through traffic, leading him to believe it was the sought-after car.

Surprisingly, upon stopping, both cars faced each other, revealing that the driver was an Opa-locka Police Department officer who then activated his emergency lights.

Concerns arose about why the Opa-locka officer hadn’t illuminated their lights or identified themselves earlier to the trooper.

The police department clarified in a statement to The Messenger that their detectives were participating in a Multi-Agency Gang Task Forces operation in the area.

According to information provided to Local 10 News by the Florida Highway Patrol, their officer did not breach any policies, citing a reasonable belief that the car was associated with a suspect.

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