Man follows tracks of tiger that fatally attacked his dog — then it kills him

A Siberian tiger attacked and killed a 76-year-old Russian retiree after the man pursued the big cat into the woods.

The incident occurred near the village of Obor in the remote Khabarovsk region when the tiger crushed the retiree’s pet dog, prompting him to track the predator for a considerable distance.

Upon encountering the tiger in the forest, it perceived the man as a threat and fatally attacked him. The elderly victim was found dead alongside his dog, showing signs of an animal impact, according to a post from the regional branch of Russia’s Investigative Committee.

The Amur Tiger Center, a nonprofit animal protection organization, reported the incident on Monday. Authorities from the Khabarovsk region’s hunting authority and the police have initiated an investigation into the tragic event.

Depending on the probe’s outcome, a decision will be made regarding the potential removal of the protected rare tiger from the wild.

The regional branch of Russia’s Investigative Committee confirmed the details, expressing condolences to the deceased’s relatives and friends.

The victim, known as “uncle Vitya,” was a retired railroad worker described as positive and literate by Yevgeny Lupin, the head of the nearby village of Sita and the man’s former co-worker.

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