Man Arrested After Bringing Loaded Gun, Tactical Vest to Cafe: ‘I Figured Because it was Halloween’

In DeLand, Florida, a recent incident led to the arrest of a man for openly carrying a loaded firearm at a local hotspot. The individual in question, identified as Michael Ribar, found himself in trouble with the law when concerned citizens alerted the authorities to his presence at Cafe DaVinci shortly before 9 p.m. on a Tuesday evening.

Michael Ribar, a 22-year-old, was taken into custody and faced charges related to open carrying of weapons. According to the DeLand Police Department, Ribar was openly carrying a visible handgun on his right hip – a black 9mm handgun accompanied by three loaded magazines.

What further raised concerns was his attire, as he was also wearing a bulletproof vest and a tactical belt equipped with two handcuffs, a baton, and a medical kit. It was this baton that led to Ribar’s second open carry charge, as stated by the police.

For safety reasons, deputies confiscated the firearm and discovered a live round in the chamber. Initially, Ribar explained to the police that he had been at a shooting range earlier and had not yet had the chance to return home.

He claimed to have forgotten his concealed carry holster at his house and had simply “thrown on” the open carry holster. When an officer inquired why he hadn’t stored the firearm in his vehicle, Ribar merely shrugged and did not provide a response.

According to police reports, Ribar mentioned that he was in the process of applying for an armed security guard license but was not employed as a security guard at Cafe DaVinci. He also expressed a belief that open carrying a firearm was permitted on the “food” side of the establishment rather than the “bar” side.

“I figured because it was Halloween, I could try,” Ribar said in an attempt to justify his having a loaded firearm, tactical duty belt, ballistic vest and mask, the report said. 

Ribar’s girlfriend informed the police that they had discussed their Halloween costumes earlier, and Ribar had stated his intention to wear his vest and carry the firearm.

She inquired if he genuinely intended to open carry while in costume, to which Ribar allegedly affirmed. She also contradicted Ribar’s claim that he had been at a shooting range or fishing before going to the bar.

Following his arrest, Ribar was transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail and was subsequently released after posting a $1,000 bond.

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