Boy arrested after reporting a fake school shooting because he ‘wanted to go home early’

In an alarming incident, Florida authorities apprehended an 11-year-old who falsely reported a school shooting on Tuesday, allegedly to secure an early departure from school.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the boy made the deceptive 911 call from a friend’s unattended cellphone, revealing his motive to leave school early.

Facing multiple charges, including making a false report of a mass shooting, using a communication device for a felony, disrupting a school function, and misusing the 911 emergency system, the boy’s actions prompted a swift response from law enforcement.

The police released a 43-second 911 audio recording where the boy claimed a school shooter was present at Marion Oaks, specifying building two before abruptly hanging up.

Responding to the call at 9:39 a.m. on December 5, the police deployed a SWAT team, aviation unit, and K-9s to the school. The ensuing evacuation and police search heightened fear levels among students and teachers.

Highlighting the severity of the situation, Florida law mandates individuals convicted of filing false reports to reimburse law enforcement for the incurred costs.

In this case, the restitution is expected to be substantial, reflecting the “hundreds upon hundreds of man-hours” dedicated to the law enforcement response, as emphasized by authorities. The boy’s legal representation, if any, remains undisclosed.

“This young man is going to need to mow a lot of lawns to pay that bill,” Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said.

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