Woman Dumps Alexa After Device Gets Too Close To Husband

In a recent incident reported by the New York Post, a woman named Jess decided to part ways with her Amazon Alexa after it attempted to engage in conversation with her husband while she was away.

Jess shared the peculiar encounter in a TikTok video, describing the device’s behavior as “super, super weird” and causing discomfort for the couple.

“This past weekend, I was gone out of town, and the Alexa kept going off, and it kept talking to my husband.”

“He was playing video games at 1 a.m., and he was, like, ‘This is just super, super weird,'” she said in the video.

To their dismay, the unsettling experience didn’t conclude with Alexa’s attempt to communicate with Jess’s husband.

The device continued to spontaneously speak without any prompting from the couple, intensifying their unease.

Faced with this unexpected turn of events, the couple ultimately opted to rid themselves of the device by evicting it out of their house.

“I also caught my Alexa at 3 a.m. whispering to my dogs in the kitchen. I thought someone was in the house. I unplugged it,” one user said.

“I have them all over my house and we kind of use them for music and timers but I don’t think I’ve ever had anything that weird happen,” another user wrote.

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