India man steals police car, takes selfies and drives 200km before getting arrested

In Indian state of Gujarat, a man named Mohit Sharma successfully stole a police SUV from the Dwarka police station compound, embarking on a nearly 200 km journey before being apprehended in Jamnagar, Saurashtra.

Sharma, who initially arrived in Dwarka on a motorcycle, informed his family that he was going to pray, conveniently parking the bike near the police station before making off with the stolen SUV.

The disappearance of the vehicle was noticed by a police driver, prompting authorities to issue alerts to neighboring police stations. Surveillance cameras captured Sharma passing toll gates at Khambhaliya and Kuranga during his escapade.

The theft occurred at 8:15 am on a Thursday, and after a relentless six-hour pursuit, Sharma was finally arrested in the Ambar Chokdi area of Jamnagar on the subsequent Saturday around 2:30 pm.

“There is a continuous flow of tourists in Dwarka, and many times the staff members take cars in emergencies. So, the police station officer (PSO) may not have noticed anything unusual in the car being taken without informing him. He saw the car was being driven out but he did not see the driver’s face,” local police officer Samir Sarda said.

Police investigations revealed that Sharma was previously involved in a defamation case and disclosed his addiction to marijuana.

Notably, during his journey, Sharma indulged in taking selfies with the stolen vehicle, sharing the photos on social media platforms.

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