‘Booty Patrol’ driver caught by Florida deputies

In recent news, Florida deputies have apprehended an individual who was allegedly impersonating a law enforcement officer while driving a Chevy Silverado equipped with red and blue lights.

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office issued a public warning earlier this week, urging citizens to remain vigilant.

The distinctive Silverado in question featured conspicuous green decals, some of which prominently displayed the words “Booty Patrol.” This bizarre choice of labeling raised significant concerns and added to the urgency of the situation.

Remarkably, just a day before the sheriff’s office made their official Facebook post, DeSoto deputies successfully located the truck and its driver.

Subsequently, they issued a citation to the individual for violating Florida State Statute 316.2397, which specifically addresses certain prohibited lights on vehicles.

“We want to emphasize that DCSO located the vehicle on Sunday, and our initial post aimed to raise awareness about this incident, ensuring that the public can avoid being duped by such individuals. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who called in with information about the suspicious vehicle, as your continued support is crucial in helping us maintain a safe and secure community for our residents,” Deputies posted on Facebook.

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