Escaped emus wander into vet clinic’s parking lot

A veterinary clinic in England experienced an unusual day when a pair of loose emus unexpectedly appeared in their parking lot. The EdgeWood Veterinary Group, based in Purleigh, Essex, detailed the surprising event in a Facebook post.

According to Nicola Watson, the clinic’s manager, initial skepticism arose among employees when a resident reported the presence of two “ostriches” in the area. Despite the skepticism, the staff decided to investigate. However, their search initially yielded nothing.

To everyone’s surprise, the next day, the flightless Australian birds, correctly identified as emus and not ostriches, made a grand entrance into the clinic’s parking lot. The employees, taken aback by the unexpected visitors, swiftly took action to corral the emus.

Following their capture, the emus were temporarily relocated to a local petting zoo. Eventually, the adventurous birds were safely returned to their owner, concluding the clinic’s unexpected encounter with the feathered guests.

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