Massive marijuana grow operation with ‘booby traps’ discovered in Tennessee church

A Tennessee church, initially a Methodist establishment converted into a new place of worship, was discovered housing a massive marijuana grow operation following an extensive weeks-long investigation by the Stewarts County Sheriff’s Office.

Acting on complaints from neighbors about an unusual odor emanating from the church on Highway 46 in Indian Mound, the sheriff’s office, in collaboration with the 23rd Judicial Drug Task Force, secured a search warrant, WSMV reported.

The inquiry, prompted by suspicions raised by local residents, revealed that the church, despite its religious transformation, was allegedly involved in cultivating hemp.

Interviews with individuals observed frequenting the premises led deputies to explore the property’s utility bills, exposing an electric bill of approximately $3,000 monthly, coupled with a notably high water bill.

The investigative process faced delays, as law enforcement considered the potential presence of “booby traps” on the premises.

“The sheriff’s office shut down the largest marijuana grow in county history,” Sheriff Frankie Gray said.

Eventually executing the search warrant, deputies uncovered around 2,000 plants, comprising both dried and live specimens. Notably, Tennessee remains among the 11 states yet to legalize marijuana.

While one individual is currently in custody, authorities anticipate additional arrests in the ongoing investigation.

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