Doritos unveils nacho cheese-flavored booze

Doritos has introduced a bold new promotional item that is bound to capture attention – an 84-proof liquor inspired by the iconic nacho cheese flavor of the popular snack.

In collaboration with Empirical, a Danish company recognized for crafting unique spirits with inventive flavors, Doritos brings forth this limited-edition concoction.

Available for purchase online starting Wednesday, the nacho cheese-flavored liquor will be offered in select markets in New York and California. Priced at $65 for a 750 ml bottle, it aims to deliver a distinctive taste experience.

Doritos suggests enjoying this unconventional spirit by mixing it with tequila or mezcal to create enticing cocktails such as a bloody mary or a margarita.

This unconventional fusion of snack and spirits promises a unique and flavorful adventure for those willing to embark on it.

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