Pole Dancing Skeleton Causes Uproar in Utah Town: ‘Not Acceptable’

A Halloween display in a Utah community stirred controversy as a resident, Christopher Fujishin, was instructed to remove it from public property due to its “risqué” nature.

The exhibit featured a pole-dancing skeleton, with two skeletal figures offering fake money while “watching” the skeleton, adorned with a purple wig, “dance” on a city stop sign just outside Fujishin’s residence in Grantsville, according to KSTU.

The city shared an image of the display on its Facebook page and initially issued an ultimatum, demanding its removal by 9 p.m. on October 18. This move swiftly garnered significant attention and sparked a divisive reaction within the local community.

“Displays like this are not acceptable as it is against city code to attach anything to a street sign,” read the post.

Subsequently, the warning was taken down, but not before the incident went viral and caused a rift among residents. Christopher Fujishin ultimately adhered to the order and relocated the skeletal decorations to his own yard.

Interestingly, his action found support from some members of the community, with a few even contributing additional skeletons and decorations to his eccentric Halloween display.

Fujishin’s neighbors have gone a step further by contributing decorations to expand his yard display. This includes the addition of a tip jar for the pole dancer, allowing fans to leave dollar bills, as reported by Fox13.

Fujishin told Fox13, “We look forward to keeping this going and getting a little more elaborate as we go.”

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