Man Found With 5 Alligators Living in His Bathtub

Florida resident Robert Robinson faces legal consequences from wildlife officials after they discovered five alligators in his bathroom.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission cited the 38-year-old for unlawfully keeping the reptiles without a permit during a visit to his Saint Cloud home on October 23.

Following an anonymous tip, FWC officers arrived at Robinson’s residence, encountering an individual on the front porch who contacted the homeowner.

Robinson, admitting to having alligators inside, granted permission for officers to inspect. They found five juvenile gators in a bathtub and conducted a thorough search of the premises to ensure no other animals were present.

The wildlife officials removed the alligators and subsequently located Robinson at his workplace. He confessed to capturing the reptiles from a pond near his home, leaving unanswered questions about his intentions and the duration of their captivity.

Facing criminal charges for possessing wildlife without a Class II permit, Robinson is required to appear in court. Meanwhile, the confiscated alligators were released into Lake Tohopekaliga, as reported by media outlets.

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