Woman steals Uber driver’s car before flight in Texas for being ‘too slow’

A 27-year-old woman in the US, Neusha Alexandra Afkami, stands accused of stealing an Uber driver’s car because she deemed the journey to the airport “too slow,” as reported by Fox News.

The incident occurred on Sunday, December 10, when Afkami, dissatisfied with the pace of the ride, allegedly threw the driver’s phone out of the car in frustration.

Seizing the opportunity when the driver left the vehicle to retrieve his phone, Afkami purportedly commandeered the driver’s seat and drove away, leaving the Uber driver stranded.

According to police documents, she informed the driver that she intended to drop off the car at Southwest Airlines, claiming to feel kidnapped, although she did not make an attempt to call 911.

Afkami, driving the stolen car, headed to Austin airport, where she reportedly spent $130 on various items using the Uber driver’s credit card. Simultaneously, the Uber driver reported the theft to the police.

Subsequently, officers discovered the abandoned stolen car at the airport and apprehended Afkami as she tried to board a plane. The purchased items were found in her possession. Afkami faces charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and credit card abuse, both state jail felonies.

As reported by CBS Austin, Afkami was booked in the Travis County Jail under a $16,000 bond. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office confirmed her release on Tuesday, December 12, on a personal recognizance bond.

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