Illinois vanity plates rejected in 2023 include ‘DZN*TS,’ ‘M*LFS’

Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias recently unveiled a list of over 300 vanity plate requests that were turned down due to potential inclusion of “lewd, offensive, or hazardous language.”

Giannoulias, featured in a YouTube video, explained that these personalized license plate submissions earned a spot on the “permanent naughty list” after his team, well-versed in cheeky language, spotted them.

Among this year’s rejected plates were entries like “EATB*TTS,” “M*LFS,” “WOOPASS,” “POOPSY,” “D*NUTZ,” and “IOWASUX.”

“Clever is too generous a word, but they did make me laugh,” Giannoulias said in the video.

Giannoulias advised aspiring plate customizers to embrace cleverness but urged them to keep it clean to steer clear of the infamous naughty list.

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