Anthropologist finds REAL Human Skull for Sale in Florida Thrift Store

In an unexpected turn of events, what initially appeared to be a Halloween decoration for sale in a thrift store in North Fort Myers, Florida, has been identified as a genuine human skull by a vigilant anthropologist.

The startling discovery occurred when the anthropologist was casually browsing through the Halloween section of the thrift store. Amidst the spooky and macabre decorations, they noticed something that raised serious concerns—a human skull, nonchalantly on display and available for purchase.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the anthropologist wasted no time in alerting the authorities. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office promptly responded to the call and took custody of the skull. Subsequent examination by experts confirmed that it was indeed a real human skull.

According to the store owner, the skull had been found in a storage unit they had acquired several years ago. While there is currently no indication of suspicious activity, the police are not taking any chances.

They will be collaborating with the local medical examiner’s office to conduct further tests on the skull, ensuring a thorough investigation of its origin and any potential legal implications.

It’s worth noting that in the state of Florida, the sale or purchase of human organs, tissues, or bones for valuable consideration is prohibited by law. This legislation is in place to deter any illicit trade in human remains.

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