Thief Falls Asleep In AC Room Amid Robbery, Wakes Up Surrounded By Cops

A bizarre incident occurred in Indian city of Lucknow, when a burglary attempt took an unexpected turn on June 2, 2024. A man named Kapil broke into a house in the Indiranagar area intending to rob it. The house belonged to Dr. Sunil Pandey of Varanasi, who was away on duty, leaving it vacant, according to TOI.

Kapil entered the house through the front gate and proceeded to the drawing room, where he found an air conditioner. Overcome by the sweltering heat, he turned it on, lay down on the floor, and used a cushion as a makeshift pillow. The cool air and his intoxicated state soon caused him to fall into a deep sleep.

The next morning, neighbors noticed the open gate and found the situation suspicious, knowing the house should have been empty. Looking inside, they saw the house had been ransacked and Kapil sleeping amidst the mess. They immediately alerted the local police.

Officers from the Ghazipur (Indiranagar) police station, led by SHO Vikas Rai, arrived to find Kapil still asleep, clutching a mobile phone. The police had to make several attempts to wake him, as he was heavily intoxicated and initially unresponsive. Once awake, Kapil was taken into custody and charged under IPC section 379 (theft).

DCP North Zone R Vijay Shankar commented on the peculiar nature of the crime, noting that Kapil’s drunken state led to his capture. Dr. Pandey expressed shock and relief upon learning of the break-in, grateful that no harm came to the neighbors or property.

The incident has garnered attention for its unusual circumstances, with many locals expressing disbelief at the thief’s audacity and folly. Kapil’s arrest has highlighted ongoing issues of theft and security in residential areas, sparking discussions about the need for increased vigilance and better safety measures

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