World’s largest fossilized feces collector opens Poozeum

A man holding the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of fossilized feces has unveiled a museum displaying his unique treasures.

Situated in Williams, Arizona, aptly named Poozeum, it showcases thousands of fossilized excrements, including one of the largest specimens ever discovered.

Motivated by the absence of coprolite representation in museums, founder George Frandsen transformed Poozeum from a virtual resource center established in 2014 into a physical location last month.

Frandsen’s fascination with coprolites began as a teenager when he encountered one in a Utah rock and fossil shop, igniting a lifelong curiosity.

“This realisation ignited my resolve to establish a permanent home for the collection, allowing my vision for the Poozeum to be fully realized and appreciated by all,” he explained to Guinness.

Recognizing coprolites as “prehistoric time capsules,” he amassed a collection that now exceeds 8,000 pieces, including dinosaur feces. His traveling exhibitions received enthusiastic responses, prompting the establishment of a dedicated museum.

Earlier this year, Frandsen left his healthcare job of 14 years to realize his dream of opening Poozeum. Free to visitors, the museum aims to ensure everyone can marvel at its wonders without financial barriers.

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