Pennsylvania Family Dog Eats $4000 In Cash

A Pittsburgh couple faced a peculiar situation when their dog, Cecil, devoured nearly $4,000 in cash last month. On December 8, Clayton and Carrie Law were astonished to find that Cecil had eaten the cash they had just withdrawn from the bank, with half ingested and the rest torn up.

Desperate for a solution, the Laws researched what to do when a dog eats money and found that mutilated currency could be sent to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. However, the lengthy process didn’t appeal to them. Instead, they contacted their bank, which advised waiting for Cecil to expel the cash.

Over the next three days, Clayton sifted through Cecil’s excrement, recovering $50 and $100 bills. The Laws devised a system – Clayton handled the cleanup while Carrie attempted to piece together the torn bills by matching serial numbers.

In the end, they managed to salvage around $3,500 of the original $4,000. The recovered money is still with them, awaiting confirmation from the bank on whether it can be deposited.

Amusingly, when Carrie shared a video of the incident on Instagram, expecting only a few friends to see it, the post went viral, accumulating nearly 12 million views since December 14.

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