Man’s Colon Falls Out Of Body After “Forceful” Sneeze

According to a report in the New York Post, a 63-year-old man from Florida had his colon reinserted into his body after it fell out due to a forceful sneeze while having breakfast with his wife at a restaurant.

Despite his history of battling prostate cancer and undergoing abdominal surgery, the man experienced this unusual incident. A recent paper in the American Journal of Medical Case Reports details the event, stating that the man noticed his intestines protruding from his recent surgical site after sneezing and coughing.

“During breakfast, the man sneezed forcefully, followed by coughing. He immediately noticed a ‘wet’ sensation and pain in his lower abdomen. Looking down, he observed several loops of pink bowel protruding from his recent surgical site,”the paper said.

He covered the exposed area while his wife called for help, and paramedics quickly transported him to a local hospital where three surgeons carefully placed the bowel back into his abdomen and closed the area with strong figure-of-eight stitches. After a six-day hospital stay, he was discharged on a normal diet.

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