Woman Finds 24 Year Old Expired Spices In Mother’s Kitchen

In a surprising discovery, a US woman, Sarah McGonagall, recently shared her astonishment online after stumbling upon spices in her mother’s kitchen that had expired decades ago.

The revelation came when she noticed an unusual taste in her mother’s apple pie and inquired about it. Her mother attributed it to clumpy nutmeg and fetched the jar, only for Sarah to notice the expiration date – a staggering 24 years ago.

Realizing the potential for more outdated items, they embarked on a thorough inspection of the spice drawer, unearthing a “Delectably Dill Herbal Blend” with a use-by date of December 16, 1999.

The unexpected find highlighted the longevity of these forgotten seasonings and added a humorous twist to the culinary mishap.

“She started with at least thirty spices. She now has six spices left. We also cleared three full shelves of fossilized teas and rediscovered my favorite hot cocoa mix…from when I was a toddler. I cannot stress enough how many of these things expired YEARS before we moved here,” she wrote.

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