New Jersey police chase down pig named Albert Einswine

Police in New Jersey found themselves in a peculiar pursuit as they chased down an unexpected fugitive – none other than a pig named Albert Einswine.

The escapade unfolded when officers from the Deptford Township Police Department responded to reports of a loose pig in the Tanyard Road and Brenner Drive area.

In a video shared by the department on Facebook, an officer can be seen engaged in a brief foot chase, attempting to corral the four-year-old pig while aiming to secure a rope around its neck.

The comedic situation led the department to humorously remark in their post, “Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.”

It was determined that Albert Einswine had managed to escape from the New Sharon section of Deptford Township.

Fortunately, the porcine fugitive was successfully apprehended and safely returned to his owner, bringing an amusing end to this unexpected adventure.

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