American Airlines keeps mistaking 101 year old woman for baby

A 101-year-old woman repeatedly faces a bizarre situation where she’s mistaken for a baby due to a booking system error at American Airlines.

The system cannot process that Patricia, who chose not to reveal her last name, was born in 1922, incorrectly setting her birth year as 2022 instead.

“It was funny that they thought I was only a little child and I’m an old lady!” she said.

This error was evident when the BBC documented a recent incident during her flight from Chicago to Marquette, Michigan, which Patricia was taking with her daughter, Kris. Despite the mix-up, Patricia and the cabin crew managed to find humor in the situation.

“My daughter made the reservation online for the ticket and the computer at the airport thought my birth date was 2022 and not 1922,” she told me.

However, Patricia expressed her desire for the airline to correct the system as it has previously led to complications. In one instance, the error resulted in a lack of appropriate airport assistance, as staff were unprepared for her mobility needs, expecting to handle an infant instead.

Patricia, a former nurse who still travels annually to visit family and avoid harsh winters, noted that American Airlines staff have been supportive and accommodating despite the repeated confusions.

On a past flight, she and her daughter had to wait longer on the plane because airport personnel did not have a wheelchair ready for her.

As of now, American Airlines has yet to comment on the issue. Patricia hopes for a resolution to prevent future misunderstandings and ensure smoother travels.

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