Australian men visit 99 pubs in 24 hours to break world record

Two adventurous Australians, Harry Kooros and Jake Loiterton, clinched a spot in the Guinness World Records by embarking on an epic pub crawl through 99 different bars across Sydney in a mere 24 hours.

Aged 26, the dynamic duo surpassed the previous record set by South African Heinrich de Villiers, who managed 78 pubs in the same time frame.

Their journey was not without hurdles, as they encountered resistance from certain venues unwilling to permit video recording.

Despite facing challenges, such as Kooros experiencing an untimely bout of vomiting just two hours into the endeavor, the resilient pair pressed on. Although initially targeting 100 pubs, a counting error prompted them to conclude their feat at 99.

“Luckily, after reassessing our game plan, I managed to pull it together and continue,” Kooros told Guinness World Records.

Reflecting on their achievement, Kooros highlighted the difficulty of consuming copious amounts of beverages during the record-breaking attempt.

Beyond the personal accomplishment, their pub crawl served a philanthropic purpose, as funds raised were directed towards multiple-sclerosis research charity MS Australia.

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