Escaped kangaroo punches officer in the face before being captured in Canada

Officials reported that a kangaroo that had escaped was successfully recaptured in Canada on Monday after being on the loose for four days. During the capture, the kangaroo reportedly punched a police officer in the face.

The incident unfolded in Oshawa, a city east of Toronto along the Lake Ontario shoreline, following online videos showing the marsupial hopping along public roads.

Responding to the report, officers, having received guidance on capturing kangaroos safely, managed to apprehend the animal by grabbing her tail, as detailed in a news release by the Durham Regional Police.

Despite initial resistance, the officers eventually secured the kangaroo, and she was transported back to the zoo for medical examinations in one of the police department’s K-9 kennels.

“The kangaroo gave up and surrendered peacefully to police officers,” the release said.

Staff Sgt. Chris Boileau explained that the officers first noticed the missing kangaroo on a rural property in Oshawa around 3 a.m. Monday and monitored her for nearly four hours.

However, when they attempted to follow the advice of the kangaroo’s handlers by grabbing her tail, she retaliated by punching one of the officers.

“It’s something that he and his platoon mates will be remembering for the rest of their careers,” Boileau told CBC Toronto.

The kangaroo, approximately four years old, had been missing since the previous Thursday. During transit to a zoo in Quebec, the animal reportedly escaped while the truck was parked at a rest stop.

Cameron Preyde, the park supervisor and head keeper for the Oshawa Zoo, confirmed the details, stating that the kangaroo is temporarily staying at the Oshawa Zoo.

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