Jail transport driver facing charges after he resigns mid-trip, refused to hand over inmates: cops

A 21-year-old inmate transport driver, Joshua James Pinquet, is now facing kidnapping charges after abruptly resigning during a trip from North Carolina to Florida with a van full of prisoners.

Pinquet reportedly texted his resignation to his boss while driving, refusing to proceed to the intended destination in Hickory, N.C.

The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the inmate transport company, hired by law enforcement agencies nationwide, was transporting four inmates when this incident occurred.

In a series of messages, Pinquet conveyed his refusal to stop as planned in Hickory. The city, located 60 miles northwest of Charlotte, became the center of this unexpected situation.

Alongside the four inmates in the cargo area, a fellow employee of the transport company found themselves trapped in the van due to Pinquet’s alleged meltdown.

Law enforcement quickly intervened, intercepting Pinquet on Interstate 40 just outside Hickory. They successfully secured the four inmates, who were then handed over to other transport company employees to continue their journey to Florida.

Pinquet now faces serious charges, including five counts of felony second-degree kidnapping and felony larceny by an employee. Currently, he is held without bond at the Iredell County Detention Center.

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