Suspect in fatal grocery store shooting leaves behind debit card, leading to his arrest

In the aftermath of a fatal shooting at a Gary grocery store, law enforcement utilized a crucial lead left behind – a forgotten debit card at the crime scene.

Surveillance footage from Monday evening revealed a confrontation between two men in their 40s near the check-out counter.

The altercation escalated, with one individual brandishing a firearm and fatally shooting a 48-year-old Gary resident. Shockingly, the assailant calmly gathered his belongings, circumvented the victim’s body, and exited the store.

Remarkably, the suspect inadvertently left behind his debit card at the cash register, providing a key piece of evidence.

Witnesses shared this critical information with the police, enabling them to identify the alleged perpetrator as a 44-year-old resident of Gary. Law enforcement swiftly apprehended him while he was walking in close proximity to the grocery store.

Gary, situated on the shores of Lake Michigan southeast of Chicago, has grappled with the repercussions of a declining steel industry, facing challenges such as crime and unemployment in the process.

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