Star Wars production company Lucasfilm sues Chilean car wash company Star Wash, accusing it of plagiarising

Star Wash, a Chilean car wash situated on the outskirts of Santiago, is reportedly facing legal action from the creators of Star Wars for allegedly capitalizing on their lucrative galactic film franchise.

The car wash has gained attention by employing workers dressed as iconic characters like Chewbacca and Darth Vader to clean vehicles, showcasing their unique approach on social media.

In response to the legal challenge, Matias Jara, the owner of Star Wash, is currently in the process of registering his brand with the Chilean patent authority. However, he has encountered a lawsuit from LucasFilm, claiming infringement on their franchise.

LucasFilm contends that the car wash’s name may lead people to believe it is affiliated with Star Wars. Jara’s lawyers assert that their client is contesting the lawsuit, emphasizing that the name is distinct enough to avoid confusion.

Despite accusations, Jara’s legal team argues that the LucasFilm copyright, which covers various products, does not extend to car cleaning services.

They are challenging the claim that Star Wash infringes upon the Star Wars brand, maintaining that the conceptual and market distinctions are clear.

Jara’s inspiration for the business name reportedly stems from a wordplay brainstormed by his young daughter during a family visit to a Disney theme park in the United States.

Star Wash contends that their car cleaning service is a playful nod to the popular franchise and aims to carve out its own distinct identity in the market.

Featured image credit: StarWash/Instagram.

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