Pet DNA company identifies human as canine

A pet company’s reliability has been called into question after twice providing inaccurate dog breed results for human swab samples.

In an investigation reported by WBZ News, a reporter received dog breed results from DNA My Dog after submitting a swab sample from her own cheek. According to the Toronto-based company, the reporter was purportedly 40% Alaskan malamute, 35% shar-pei, and 25% labrador.

However, when the same samples were sent to two other pet genetic testing companies, Orivet and Wisdom Panel, discrepancies arose. Orivet stated that the sample failed to yield sufficient data for analysis, while Wisdom Panel cited insufficient DNA for a reliable result.

This isn’t the first time DNA My Dog’s accuracy has been questioned. In a prior case, WBZ News submitted a sample from another pet owner, Michelle Leininger, resulting in similarly dubious breed assignments.

DNA My Dog attributed the discrepancy to finding only canine DNA on one of Leininger’s two cheek swabs. Lisa Moses, a Harvard Medical School veterinarian and bioethicist, expressed concern, emphasizing that a reputable company should be able to discern between human and canine DNA.

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