UFC fighter says he’ll homeschool son so he doesn’t ‘end up turning gay’

UFC featherweight fighter Bryce Mitchell has ignited controversy with his recent statements about homeschooling his infant son to prevent him from being gay, among other reasons.

In an Instagram video, Mitchell articulated his intent to shield his son from what he considers negative influences in public education, including exposure to communism, satanism, and homosexuality.

“We’re going to have to home-school all our kids or they’re all going to end up turning gay,” Mitchell said in the video. “That’s the reason I’m going to home-school Tucker, because I don’t want him to be a communist. I don’t want him to worship Satan. I don’t want him to be gay.”

Mitchell expressed a preference for religious education, specifically stating that his son would be reading the Bible instead of conventional literature, such as the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

“They took it out of the schools and replaced it with Edgar Allen Poe, who shacked up with his cousin,” he added. “My son ain’t going to be reading no Edgar Allan Poe, OK? He’s going to be reading the Bible.”

Mitchell knew his remarks might provoke controversy, yet he remained undeterred. “Yall kno ill get censored for this one. but i dont care. i love kids and i love the truth. we have to fite for our kids or evil will corrupt the next generation. this country is so evil only God can save us,” he wrote in the caption.

The comments have sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some fellow UFC fighters showing support, and some of his followers agreeing with his views.

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