A toaster placed under a car to heat up the battery likely sparked a fire in Denmark, police say

Danish police issued a warning to drivers, urging them to refrain from using toasters, to warm up electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

This caution comes in the aftermath of an incident in Stenlille, southern Denmark, where a car was destroyed, and a nearby house was damaged after a driver employed this unconventional method.

The police strongly discouraged such practices, emphasizing the sensitivity of EV batteries to temperature variations, which can adversely affect their efficiency, especially in colder conditions.

“The cause of the fire is most likely to be found in the toaster that the owner of the car had placed under the front of his car to keep the battery warm,” police said in a daily report.

The incident occurred on a Saturday in Stenlille, approximately 40 miles southwest of Copenhagen, in a carport attached to a house.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries, but the car, of unknown make, faced extensive damage. It remains unclear whether the damaged house belonged to the vehicle owner or a neighbor.

As a consequence of this incident, the car’s owner is now liable to face a fine as a result of the unconventional and ill-fated attempt to heat the EV batteries.

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