Tennessee Woman Accused of Setting Ex Boyfriend’s Bed on Fire While His New Girlfriend, Baby Slept

In Memphis, Tennessee, Derica Wiggins, 19, was arrested on Friday for allegedly setting her ex-boyfriend’s bed ablaze in March while he, his new girlfriend, and her baby were sleeping.

Charged with aggravated assault and arson, Wiggins reportedly intentionally ignited the bed, as revealed by the police. The new girlfriend awoke to the flames after spotting someone peering through the bedroom door crack and hearing a lighter’s click.

Fortunately, none of the victims sustained injuries, as the boyfriend managed to extinguish the fire before firefighters arrived. Wiggins was captured on Ring camera footage entering and leaving the house, contributing to the evidence. The fire caused some damage to the bedroom, as reported by local news station WREG.

In addition to the initial charges, Wiggins faces accusations of reckless burning and setting fire to personal property, according to jail records. Currently held on a $150,000 bond at Shelby County jail, she is scheduled to appear before a judge on Monday.

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