Patient steals ambulance, then crashes it in Sheriff’s office lawn

A man, identified as 35-year-old Stanley Williams, was apprehended after commandeering a stolen ambulance and driving it directly to the entrance of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

First responders, aiding Williams in an “altered mental state” possibly induced by drugs, found themselves dealing with an unexpected situation when he gained control of the ambulance during the assistance, according to press release.

In the ensuing pursuit, Williams, while behind the wheel of the stolen ambulance, collided with a curb and proceeded to navigate the vehicle into the entrance of the sheriff’s office’s Operations Center.

The bizarre incident concluded with Williams driving across the front lawn before ultimately coming to a stop near the main entrance of the building. Fortunately, no significant damage was inflicted upon the sheriff’s office property, with only minor harm to the lawn reported by deputies.

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter commented on the unusual turn of events, stating, “It’s not every day a pursuit ends at our front door. This just goes to show that we never know what we will encounter from one moment to the next. I’m glad nobody was hurt, and the suspect was not able to pose a greater risk to our community.”

Following the incident, Williams was transported to the hospital for evaluation. He now faces charges of grand theft and fleeing from law enforcement.

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