Ohio attorney suspended over pooping in a Pringles can, leaving it in parking lot

A seasoned Ohio criminal defense attorney, Jack Blakeslee, faced suspension after being caught defecating in a Pringles can, which he subsequently dumped outside a victim advocacy center.

Blakeslee, with nearly 50 years of legal practice, admitted to frequently engaging in such behavior as a means to “blow off steam.” The suspension, outlined in a 13-page state Supreme Court opinion, imposed a one-year suspension with six months stayed, according to USA Today.

The court ruling disclosed that Blakeslee’s unsavory act was captured on surveillance during a trial where he represented an accused child murderer facing the death penalty.

Blakeslee “deposited his feces into an empty Pringles can” — then “drove approximately 20 minutes from his home … with the open can of feces,” the ruling said.

Following the trial, the Vietnam veteran drove to Haven of Hope, the location where a victim advocate involved in his then-current case was stationed. The advocate observed the incident and later reported it to the police.

“Surveillance video showed him driving slowly past the parking lot” at least twice — before he “threw the Pringles can containing his feces into the lot,” the ruling stated.

Blakeslee pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct and littering, ultimately paying $248 in fines and court costs for his actions.

“During his disciplinary hearing, Blakeslee testified that he had engaged in similar misconduct on at least 10 other occasions that year,” the ruling said.

He denied targeting the victim advocate, claiming that “he randomly chose the locations where he deposited the Pringles cans containing his feces.”

However, the court rejected Blakeslee’s explanation, asserting that he intentionally selected the Haven of Hope in Cambridge, Ohio, as his designated “drop zone.” The incident, which took place in November 2021, was captured on surveillance video.

Blakeslee offered no clear explanation for his unconventional act of defecating in Pringles cans, dismissing the possibility of PTSD.

During his hearing, he vaguely mentioned, “There has to be something going on that’s related to some of the things I went through in early life,” without providing specific details or reasons for his behavior.

This unusual case raised questions about professional conduct, leading to the attorney’s suspension from practicing law for a specified period.

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