Employee leaps over counter, fights managers and swings chair after she’s fired

A dramatic incident unfolded at Harvest & Grounds coffee shop in Concourse D at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where an employee, Shacoria Elly, clashed with her manager after being fired.

The dispute originated from a disagreement over espresso shots with another colleague. As tensions escalated, a video shared on X account Clown World captured the intense confrontation.

In the footage, two managers tried to prevent Elly from accessing the back of the store while she demanded her belongings. She resorted to picking up a chair and attempting to throw it, but a manager intervened and disarmed her.

Elly then charged at the manager, resulting in a physical altercation that ended with her being thrown to the ground. The video portrayed her leaving the scene, only to suddenly reverse course, leaping over the counter. In her attempt to flee with her bag and coat, she tripped and fell before eventually walking away.

Atlanta Police officers responded to the incident, although Elly had already left, and no charges were filed against her. The shocking scenes at the coffee shop highlighted the intense fallout of a workplace disagreement, leaving onlookers and online viewers surprised by the unexpected turn of events.

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