Canadian ‘super pigs’ are threatening to invade the US

A crossbreed of domestic pigs and wild boars, originally created to thrive in Canada’s cold climate, is now wreaking havoc as it makes its way southward toward the United States.

Initially developed to enhance pig growth on farms, these hybrid super pigs were set loose by some farmers when the market took a downturn roughly two decades ago.

According to reports, these resilient super pigs have crossed the international border, venturing into at least North Dakota, with predictions of further migration into Montana, Minnesota, and Michigan. The alarming challenge now faced by authorities is the difficulty in eradicating these hybrid creatures.

Ryan Brook, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan calls feral swine, “the most invasive animal on the planet” and “an ecological train wreck.”

The super pigs have proven to be formidable opponents for recreational hunters, displaying adaptability and evasive tactics.

Some sounders, led by mature sows, have adopted nocturnal habits to avoid detection, while others disperse, making them challenging to locate. At times, these creatures alter their patterns, retreating into forests or wetlands, further complicating control efforts.

One promising strategy in managing the super pig population involves the use of the Judas Pig concept. This method utilizes GPS collars strapped onto select pigs, allowing game officials to track and locate others within the group.

As the invasive super pig population continues to grow, employing deceptive techniques may become crucial in the ongoing efforts to mitigate the environmental and agricultural threats posed by these hybrid creatures.

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