Lion wanders streets of Italian town after escaping from circus

In an unusual incident, a circus lion managed to escape its enclosure and was captured on camera strolling through the streets of Ladispoli, an Italian town. Local authorities swiftly issued warnings to residents, advising them to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travel until the lion could be safely recovered.

Mayor Alessandro Grando said in a statement on Facebook, “A lion escaped from the expected circus in Viale Mediterraneo. The animal was immediately traced into an adjacent water course. Circus staff are carrying out seizure operations with the support of law enforcement, who quickly intervened on the scene. Please pay utmost attention and avoid any changes until further notice.”

The video, which surfaced on Instagram a day ago, depicts the lion freely roaming the streets. A woman’s surprised exclamation of ‘Mama Mia’ is audible in the footage, and the lion, seemingly unbothered, gives her a stern look before continuing its leisurely walk.

Since being shared, the video has garnered significant attention, accumulating over 1.1 lakh views within a day, with the numbers still on the rise. Many viewers have taken to the comments section to express their thoughts on this unexpected encounter.

A few hours later, the mayor shared another update that the lion had been caught by the rescue team and handed over to the circus staff. “The lion was sedated and captured. Now it will be taken over by the circus staff. Thank you, State Police, Carabinieri, Firefighters, Local and Provincial Police, ASL and all the volunteers who served during these hours of great learning. I hope this episode can raise some consciousness, and that we can finally put an end to animal exploitation in circuses,” Grando said in another Facebook post.

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