January 2: Florida Man Robs Store Dressed As Spiderman

A recent incident in Casselberry, Florida, has left locals bewildered as a man attempted to carry out a daring heist while masquerading as the iconic superhero, Spiderman. On January 2nd, the suspect, later identified as Edward Wilburn, targeted the Winn-Dixie Wine and Spirits Store.

The brazen escapade began with Wilburn entering the store without any disguise. However, his initial reconnaissance visit was a mere prelude to the audacious act that would follow. After leaving the store, Wilburn returned, this time donning a Spiderman mask, a move aimed at concealing his identity.

Local law enforcement authorities were quick to respond to the situation. It was revealed that during his masked appearance, Wilburn managed to make off with approximately $150 worth of liquor and a significant haul of Newport Cigarettes, amounting to $420.

Edward Wilburn’s criminal record has painted a portrait of a repeat offender, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. Consequently, he was taken into custody in January, facing charges related to the robbery.


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